1. Buy the iGEL mattress.

2. If after 14 days you decide that our mattress isn’t the best fit for you and your family, you can change it for another or refund it for your money. We request you to fix a time slot with our Customer Support team and please make yourself available at the time.

3. Reach out to our Customer Support team at 800 6100 269. 

4. State you invoice no. and other details. 

5. The Home Box team will visit you and inspect the mattress.

6. While you get a complete refund (excluding any delivery charges you may have paid) on your mattress, there is an SAR 100 fee for collection.

7. If the returned mattress has been marked, soiled or permanently spoiled in any way, we may reduce the refund or reject the return.

8. Refund will be by way of Gift voucher for the amount and can be used in Home Box to shop in next 30 days.

9. Your return on the mattress will be put to good use by donating the same.

14-day mattress trial starts on 1st October, 2018.